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Hilarious Pedometer instructions

At Work today they handed out free (and cheap) pedometers in a well meaning effort to help us all lead healthier lives, it also had the added effect of causing a good amount of laughter when I unfolded the included directions and took a little read through them. Below is an exact Transcript of the included instructions:

Product Characteristic
Counting the Step

Wearing Instruction
1) When Starting to count the meter, the display show “00000”
2) Using the clip that behind the unit to fix the stepping meter horizontally

Operational Manual
1) This stepping meter can only count correctly under the flat plant.
2) Under the following condition, the stepping meter can’t count correctly:
(i) Moon Walking, Wearing Sandal
(ii) When walking in the tricky condition.
(iii) Vibration without walking
3) The stepping meter can be reset by pressing “Reset” Button


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