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Apple product speculation

As the apple universe ramps up for a major announcement tomorrow i wonder what are our chances of still getting nothing we are expecting? In one way i hope it will be unexpected, something revolutionary that is really exciting and bold, however i have this worry that we may end up with another ipod hi-fi, or some such dud. My hope: a new screen that blends oled or lcd with e-ink, and the triumphant return of the newton moniker. Will it happen? I doubt it, but heck, one can dream, right?

January 26, 2010   1 Comment

Gogo in flight internet

Gogo in flight internet

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Yes, got a try it free card from a nice lady at the airport, she had become the most popular person in our terminal, handing these out. I will have a full review later. Catch me on twitter, facebook and aim while in-flight for the next few hours! Philadelphia here I come!


October 22, 2009   No Comments

Mac Encryption using Disk utility

This tutorial shows you how to use encrypted disk images in MacOS X to transfer files securely, and to store files on your mac in a secure manner. This tip entirely uses just built-in components of a regular MacOS X install, no need to get any additional software.

June 30, 2009   8 Comments

Looking for a new laptop

Ok, so I am looking for a Windows Notebook for cheap, and I keep going back and forth between the online retailers and the regular brick and mortar ones. We need a Dual core machine (core 2 duo would be nice), Intel based, with at least 3 gigs of ram, and I’d like to have 250gigs of hard drive space. Now the Trick is, we need to spend less than $600, I keep on bouncing back and forth between several different models. I personally think I’d rather go for a lower End core 2 duo machine, so i could get some nice extras like expansion and firewire, but that is usually asking a lot. Any suggestions? 


April 7, 2009   No Comments

25th Anniversary of the Macintosh

Today is the 25th anniversary of the Macintosh computer, so in honor of this historic day (ok, historic to me), So I decided to put together this list of the many different Macintosh computers that I have owned over the years.

MacSEFirst off, is the Macintosh SE, which was introduced in March of 1987, and originally had two floppy drives, one megabyte of RAM, and a 9 inch Black and white monitor. The model that we had was the upgraded version with an SuperDrive (FDHD) floppy drive, an internal 20 megabyte hard drive, and one megabyte of RAM. We later upgraded the RAM to 4 Megabytes, and added an external SyQuest cartridge based external hard drive, as well as eventually an external CD-ROM drive and Zip Drive.

Click here for the full specs from


Next came the Performa 5200/75 TV. Which might be a little hard to find out there, but yeah, we had one. The most interesting thing about this particular computer was that it had a built in NTSC tuner, so the entire computer became a television when needed. It also could function as a CD Player, considering that it actually contained a built in CD-ROM drive as well. This computer originally released in April of 1995, this was a long overdue upgrade for us considering how long we had stuck it out with the SE. Click here for the full specs

Around about the same time came my first Powerbook, which was also my first computer that was completely my own. Unfortunately this computer happened to be the Powerbook 190cs, much slower than the 5200 that we had at home. This computer I continued to use for the first two years of college as well. This model was introduced in August of 1995. Kind of amazing to think that I was actually using this computer actively up until the summer of 1999, when I got my next computer. Click here for the full specs 

Yosemite G3

During the summer after my freshman year of college (1999), I finally saved up enough money to buy a “real” computer, and bought the PowerMac G3 Blue and White, otherwise known as “Yosemite” the original specs of this machine, it had a 350Mhz G3 processor, 64Mb of RAM, and a 6 gig hard drive. This machine was such a good machine however, that It still is running as my home backup server, though it has been upgraded quite a bit. Currently this machine has a 550Mhz G4 processor, 1.25Gb of RAM, and several hard drives totaling over 250Gigs of hard drive space. Still an excellent machine, and still running almost ten years later. Click here for full specs from

This machine was Alina’s first Mac During College, and in fact is still running at her mothers house and used daily for email and web surfing. Based upon the original iMac, this is the iMac DV SE (Digital video, Special edition) which came with a built in DVD Drive, as well as a unique graphite case. First introduced in July of 2000. Click here for full specs.



This next machine was the Powerbook 3400c, which when it was introduced in Febuary of 1997 was the fastest laptop in the world. While we were living in Vermont, I bought two of these, one for my parents and one for myself second hand from someone who specializes in refurbished older Mac laptops. I used it for a couple of years, as this was something to use to replace my venerable 190cs that had continued as my primary laptop for many years past its useful life. This machine is currently sitting in a closet waiting to get resurrected, as the PRAM battery is dead, the screen refuses to stay in one color mode, and for some reason it is stuck with the caps-lock in the on position. Click here for full specs.

During our final year in Vermont (2003), we finally decided to buy a new computer for Alina, (though I get to use it on occasion. 😀 This being our first major purchase together. The Powerbook G4 12inch was and still is Apple’s smallest full featured laptop produced, it weighs under 5 pounds and yet has a 1ghz processor 1.25gigs of RAM, and a DVD burner. An excellent computer, this laptop is still going strong, despite several nocks and scrapes. The G4 12inch was introduced in August of 2003. Click here for full specs from 

I’m not really sure if this counts as a Mac of mine, however my parents had an iBook G3 for several years, which was mostly destroyed in a house fire in 2003, I rescued the iBook, replaced the melted keyboard, and continued to use it for an additional 3 years, burn marks and all. Unfortunately this computer was one of many that suffered from the infamous iBook motherboard failure problems, and died finally due to those problems, and not damage suffered by the fire. Click here for full specs



And Finally we arrive at my current Mac. I am currently the proud owner of a 2007 MacBook Pro 15inch, 2.2Ghz, 2gigs of RAM and 160gig internal hard drive, with a Dual Layer DVD+-R Drive. This was the first laptop by Apple to incorporate LED technology into the display, which is much brighter and clearer than previous laptop models. Although the new unibody MacBooks are interesting, I am quite happy with this computer for the time being. Click here for full specs from

So after my many years of owning macs, I am hoping there will be many more to come in the future. 


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