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Category — joke

On discussions of new dental technology

Ken: “They can replace even just part of a tooth…”
Alina: “But I don’t want part of a tooth, I want the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth!”

January 24, 2006   1 Comment



originally uploaded by kenzickler.

Whatever could be wrong with this picture?

January 20, 2006   No Comments

Fun with shopping buddy

So, i was playing around with aim this evening, and decided to try to carry on a conversation with shopping buddy, you know the little aim bot that likes to sell you stuff. Anyway after saying various things to it I finally told it “stupid people” and here is what it returned as a result:Here are some related categories:
1. Hardcore Punk Music,
2. Specialty T-Shirts,
3. Self Help Books,
4. Miscellaneous Non-Fiction Books,
5. Men’s T-Shirts, etc.

Wow, I am so glad that this program knows how to read my mind. Just what I wanted.

January 3, 2006   No Comments