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Steve Jobs 1955-2011

This was posted to Apple’s web-site this evening, as it was announced that Steve has lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. Steve will be missed, and his legacy will live on. Rest in peace Steve.

October 5, 2011   1 Comment

Verizon iPhone First thoughts

Well, Surprise, surprise; the worst kept secret in technology has finally been revealed. My first thoughts about the iPhone for Verizon. As I had said several times before, it won’t be official until either Verizon or Apple has confirmed it, and today, they have. And for the first time, i can tell you definitively, yes, the iPhone is coming to Verizon on Feb 10th… not January as all the rumors said… 😀 😀

1. It is NOT a NEW iPhone, just an iPhone 4 that has had its GSM guts removed and replaced with CDMA.

2. The phone will only have one additional feature: wifi hotspot mode, a-la the Droid X. the AT&T phone will only tether to one other device at a time.

3. The phone does NOT have a Verizon Logo anywhere on it, Looks like Apple wins the branding war.

4. Since the phone does not have GSM, it is not a world-phone unlike the AT&T model.

5. The phone does not have 4G-LTE, Verizon’s new higher speed network.

6. Verizon and Apple do not have an exclusivity agreement, meaning the iPhone may come to other CDMA carriers in the future (Sprint?)

7. Verizon has yet to release data and voice costs, leaving open the possibility that it may be cheaper or more expensive than other smart phones on Verizon. This also leaves open the possibility that the wifi-hotspot feature may cost more.

8. Verizon will NOT be loading up the iPhone with tons of random Verizon Apps just for the heck of it, though it remains to be seen what Verizon specific apps may appear in the app store when we get to release date.

9. No word yet on if face-time will remain a wifi only feature or if Verizon will allow it on the 3G network.

10. Current Verizon Customers will be able to pre-order the iPhone 4 for Verizon on Feb 3rd, and the general public will be able to order them starting on Feb 10th. The phone will come in a 16Gb $199 Model or a 32Gb $299 Model, both with a two year contract. Same prices as on AT&T

January 11, 2011   1 Comment

Final Thoughts on a Verizon iPhone

At the moment I am writing this, we are less than an hour away from what everyone is assuming is going to be the official announcement of the iPhone coming to Verizon wireless. I have been telling all of my friends and everyone I know who has been constantly asking me over the last few years if the iPhone were coming to Verizon that it will only be coming when it is official. It will only be official when either Apple or Verizon make the announcement, rather than anonymous sources of major publications. That being said, I believe strongly that this is going to be it, but it may be a less than thrilling announcement.

If the phone were going to be at all different, then it would be an Apple event, and not a Verizon one. My guess is that this is announcing a Verizon version of the iPhone 4, running on EVDO Rev A. 3G. Sometime this summer, Apple will make the announcement of a newer iPhone that will run on Verizon’s 4G-LTE high speed network, possibly with a faster processor as well. Now I may be wrong about this, and I would be delighted if I were, as an iPhone running on the new 4G-LTE network would be really awesome.

So the big question for me is, how long should I wait, or should I even consider switching from Android, over to the iPhone platform. I’ve been saying all along that I can’t wait for the Verizon iPhone, but now that its arrival is imminent, I’ve been using a Droid for over a year now, mostly because Apple and Verizon took too long. we’ll see how much longer I hold out.

I’m going to sit back, play with the baby and await the announcement. Initial thoughts will follow immediately after the event.

Edit (10:26AM): The other thing I want to find out is if Verizon will end up with a Logo on the phone anywhere, which is something Verizon insists upon, and yet Apple hates with a passion. My Guess: Apple wins, only an apple logo, or if there is a Verizon logo, it’ll be on the back, and small.

January 11, 2011   No Comments

Undercover Apple Store Wedding

On Valentines day in the ipod section of the Fifth Avenue Apple store in New York City, Josh Li and Ya Ting exchanged vows in front of an officiant dressed as steve jobs. The couple’s vows were read off of an ipod, and as far as I can tell they didn’t get kicked out for doing this. Although you can see some apple store employees in the background, It looks like they were enjoying the occasion along with everyone else in the store.

February 19, 2010   1 Comment

Apple iPad first thoughts

Apple has finally released their “much anticipated tablet device” and it is called the… iPad? really? they still didn’t see those jokes coming? Mad TV made an iPad spoof of their own back in 2007. What follows is my own first take on this new product.

In the hardware department Apple’s industrial design department has seemed to hit the nail on the head once again, this device looks gorgeous and from what people who have actually held it have said, seems like it will be a pleasure to use. The Screen is a 9.7inch LED backlit IPS display (In Plane Switching). The really strange thing they did with the screen is they made it 1024×768, which is a standard 4×3 frame size that computers used to use, if this device is going to be primarily a media device, for consuming video and written content, why not make it a 16×9 aspect ratio like they do with most of the rest of apple’s products? At the least, I would have wanted to see a native 720p display, which is 1280×720 resolution. As far as most of the specs go, for the most part it seems to be a souped up ipod touch, with a much larger, higher resolution screen, a built in microphone, a much faster processor (Which may be the fruit of Apple’s Acquisition of PA Semi back in 2008), and the possibility of 3G coverage. Ports consist of a single 30pin ipod dock connector, with an external keyboard, docking station, and digital photo kit (SD card reader), available as ad-on accessories. One glaring problem that I have noticed, is that GPS capabilities are only available with the Wifi + 3G models, which in my opinion limits the capabilities of the device.

In the software arena, the iPad is running a higher resolution version of the iPhone OS, which means you should be able to do everything on it that you can normally do on your ipod touch or iPhone right now, as well as have the ability to add higher resolution software as it comes out, most notably ebook apps, and research apps. Apple is also releasing a version of iWork for the iPad, which actually would allow you to get some real work done on the device. I am curious to see the iBookstore, and how well that works out, it definitely seems like apple will be giving Amazon a run for their money in the ebook reader market.

Price is what can make or break this product. Much to my amazement (and everyone else’s), Apple actually came out with the iPad at a mostly reasonable introductory price. $499 for the 16Gb base model with Wifi Only. As mentioned above, this model also lacks GPS, however may be a perfectly useful device depending on how you plan on using it, 32 and 64Gb models are $599 and $699 respectively, and all are supposed to be available in Late March, with the Wifi + 3G versions coming a month after that. The Wifi + 3G version will be unlocked, with no contract required, and cost $629 for 16Gb, with 32 and 64Gb models $729 and $829. The wireless options seem reasonable with 250Mb costing $15 a month and “unlimited” costing $30 a month.

Final word: I want one, it looks like a really useful device, excellent mobile media device. Battery life seems good, at a claimed 10 hours of HD video decoding, although, there are a few glaring omissions. The biggest downfall in my eyes is that there is still no camera. A camera was the one thing I was waiting for on the iPod Touch, and I thought for sure that they would add one on this device, however they have not. Imagine a front facing camera allowing you to do iChat AV through your iPad, that would revolutionize the way we communicate. But alas, I suppose I’ll still have to drag out my MacBook Pro for that one. Also missing is the ability to do do multitasking, my Droid does it, why can’t we have multitasking on this new seemingly powerful product? So I guess the big question I still need to answer is, do I buy one now or wait until they finally fix what I want fixed? And could that mean waiting for something that will never happen?

January 28, 2010   1 Comment