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iPad + MacBook pro + Skype = expensive baby monitor

Ok so it’s either that or just a really geeky and resourceful dad who wants to keep an eye on his son while washing dishes in the next room. You make the call. Now if I could just get this kid to go to bed. 🙂 20111025-220110.jpg

October 25, 2011   No Comments

Extreme ironing

I was just finishing up a long day of pulling cables today, and decided to iron my shirt. Ok, so it’s probably not the most extreme… But i’ve always wanted to make a submission of my own. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, do a google image search for extreme ironing. 🙂


March 31, 2011   No Comments

Wanamaker organ


Kai enjoying the Wanamaker organ concert in Philadelphia.

December 22, 2010   1 Comment

All dressed up ready to go out


Kai is all dressed up and ready to go out to a holiday party tonight.

December 20, 2010   No Comments

On the road with the fam


Alina, Pat, Allie, Kai and I are all headed out on a road trip to South Carolina to see Leana, who is in the hospital down there after having been in a car accident yesterday. Leana is doing okay, and we’ll be there tomorrow sometime, going to stop in Virginia tonight. I apologize for Allie having overexposed eyes, makes her look a little devilish. This trip definately proves the versitality of our little Element though. 🙂

November 12, 2010   No Comments