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Category — photography

Traffic stinks!

One reason i dont like leaving work at 5pm. Yuck.

April 7, 2010   No Comments

Hard snow day for the puppy

Such a hardship for Allie having to deal with the snow outside.

February 10, 2010   No Comments

Round 2 begins

Its starting to snow again, got a pretty good couple of inches out there, and many more on the way. Cant wait to see what it looks like in the morning.

February 10, 2010   No Comments


Snowstorm in Philadelphia, playing in the snow with Allie! She seems to enjoy it.

February 6, 2010   No Comments

Philly auto show

Spent a few hours this evening at the philly auto show. Had a good time, got to see the shell of the new volt, silly people wont let me touch it. 🙁 and the tesla roadster, among others. Sat in the new prius rev 3.

February 5, 2010   No Comments