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Watch the Obama Inauguration Live

I am still stuck in NY on the Madoff Stakeout, but I figured I’d post some links to how you can watch the Inaguration live on the internet if you are stuck with no TV today.

link to C-SPAN live via windows media:

link to C-Span live via real meda:

link to NBC news live video (embedded):

link to CBS news live video (embedded):

Fox news Live video (embedded):

CNN Live video (embedded):

BBC News live video coverage: live stream:

Check back on this post for updates, I’ll be adding more links as I find them.


The links above are going through a link shortening service I have set up so that you don’t have to copy the huge original links when sharing them. feel free to use the service, shorter than other popular link shortening services! 😀

January 20, 2009   No Comments

Data networks to be pounded tomorrow.

It looks like tomorrow is going to be a big day for mobile broadband in Washington DC, so much so that some of the mobile carriers are actually asking people to cut down on their cell usage during the actual event. According to the New York Times, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint are all asking customers to cut back on their usage tomorrow especially in DC itself. All three major carriers are bringing in lots of extra capacity to be able to handle the call volume, this being in the form of temporary towers and COW’s (Cell On Wheels), that are being brought in to increase the capacity. 

This is a problem that honestly cannot be completely overcome. There is only so much capacity that is physically possible in one particular area, and considering that they are figuring on as many as three million people on the mall tomorrow to watch the Inauguration, that is a lot of people, who are all going to be taking pictures with their camera-phones, uploading them to flickr, facebook, and twitter amongst other places. 

I use the cell networks a lot for getting online while I am out in the truck, as well as for general communications and email. In the news industry we often use cellular telephones in the trucks for IFB (audio to the reporters ear) and PL (Producer Line) back to the station, which in this situation is going to be pretty impossible. Hopefully all of the news networks in the area all are going to be running with regular landline connections. Wireless is great, but there is only so much that it can do when demand increases. 

What is my suggestion for keeping in touch, if you are lucky enough to be down there tomorrow? Use text messaging, as text messages use an incredibly small amount of capacity to send and receive, and have a much better chance of getting though. 

This also brings up a question about overall network capacity in the area, as even if the airwaves are saturated, might the switching networks and backbones have issues tomorrow with everyone trying to send those millions of photos back through the network? I also wonder how many social networking sites will end up going down, or experiencing some downtime due to the dramatic spike in posts during such a short period of time. 

Original Article in the New York Times

January 19, 2009   No Comments

Props to Colin Powell

I know that I haven’t really posted much here in the realm of political commentary, but now is the time to start. We are only two weeks away from one of the most important elections in U.S. history, and I really need to speak my mind on the issue. So, in case anyone happens to have been living under a rock for the past weekend and not noticed it, I just thought I’d post this clip from NBC of Colin Powell‘s endorsement of Barack Obama on Meet the Press from Sunday.
After having watched this interview yesterday morning, and following that by watching the Oliver Stone film W. Yesterday, I can’t image what sort of political complexities must be going through Powell’s head. Here is a real demonstration of a republican who after having been used and abused by the Bush administration is able to stand up and take a stand for what is right. I just wish that the same could be said for McCain, who seems to have been taken in by the right wing political machine and is willing to do anything in a vain attempt to win. This statement by Powell, and the amazing grace with which it was carried out just increases my respect for the man, who I have always felt has had moral conflicts with the war in Iraq, but was forced to commit political suicide by his commander in chief. Please watch the above video, he has a lot to say, and makes what I believe is one of the most persuasive arguments to vote for Obama I have heard in a long time.
So I guess its my time to endorse, to those of you who know me it comes as no surprise, I am going to vote for Barack Obama for president. I used to respect John McCain, and I thought that he could have made a good president, but he has aligned himself with the far right, and does not agree with me on many many issues, including gay rights, abortion, pre-emptive use of the military, and massive deregulation just to name a few. His campaign as sunk to a new low in an attempt to paint a false picture of Obama and use fear of the unknown to scare the public. If you are questioning who you are going to vote for in a few weeks, take some time to do some real research about what the candidates really believe in, and please don’t let the tactics of fear make your decision for you. Thank you for your time, and please, VOTE!

October 20, 2008   1 Comment