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North Hall Staff Trip to VT Video

North Hall Trip to VT Video has been posted on youtube. It is in HD, and will appear in all its glory as soon as youtube finishes processing it. Just click on the fullscreen button, and then the HD button as it becomes available.

January 20, 2010   No Comments

Trapped in an elevator for 41 hours

Today is in the middle of the 10th anniversary of the day that Nicholas White was trapped in an elevator car in New York City’s McGraw Hill building. This is a time lapse video of the ordeal as captured by the buildings security cameras. The story was first reported in the New Yorker Magazine, in an article by Nick Paumgarten in April of 2008. I have recently recounted this tale to a few friends, some of whom I doubt believed me. At any rate, now that it is the tenth anniversary of this unlucky staffer from Business Week’s trip to nowhere, I thought you all might want to view it. I also highly suggest reading the entire New Yorker article, which takes you through many other elevator stories through the years.

October 16, 2009   No Comments

George Takei at Drexel

George Takei at Drexel

Originally uploaded by kenzickler

George Takei speaking at Drexel University tonight.

The above is a video of George speaking about what he thinks of Obama’s record on LGBT Issues

October 14, 2009   No Comments

Mac Encryption using Disk utility

This tutorial shows you how to use encrypted disk images in MacOS X to transfer files securely, and to store files on your mac in a secure manner. This tip entirely uses just built-in components of a regular MacOS X install, no need to get any additional software.

June 30, 2009   8 Comments

At The Desk

Several RAs from North Hall at Drexel University try to decide who will be “At The Desk”, and contemplate what the job means to them.

June 24, 2009   No Comments