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Obama Weekly address #2

Yesterday President Barack Obama put out his second weekly address, via youtube. The president makes it clear that washington politics must be put aside in order to pass the rescue package that is currently on its way to the senate. This after the bill failed to get a single republican vote in the house. I find it a bit humerous that there still seems to be such partisian politics going on at the same time as it appears that our president is about to nominate a republican to be his commerce secretary (Judd Gregg of NH). What I find interesting about this nomination, is that if it goes through, then that would remove another republican from the senate, and if governor Lynch (A democrat) appoints a democrat to that seat, that would give the democrats a filibuster-proof advantage in the senate, as well as control of the house, and executive branch. I wonder how much pressure will be on Governor Lynch to make that decision, and what the correct answer would be in that situation. This is going to make for an interesting week!

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President Obama’s first Weekly address

So it’s still a bit interesting, every time I hear the words “President Obama” I can’t help but think that I can’t believe that it actually happened. I can’t believe how lucky we are to have a real president for once. I have made a commitment to be much more involved with our government and what it is doing. Here is the first of Obama’s weekly address’s which are posted over at If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out the new White House website, I would highly recommend checking it out. There is a ton of information available.

The only other thing that I would really like to find a better way to watch or at the least listen to every day is the daily white house press briefing, which is available from C-Span however, I’m still not sure what the rules are as far as re-posting c-span material, and I would like to find a way to get the audio direct from the source, and be able to use it as I see fit.

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Inauguration and transcript

What an amazing moment. I am so happy that the moment has finally come. Here is the video of the Inauguration in case you missed it, and the transcript of Obama’s speech.

Link to the official transcript of Obama inaugural address

CNN Video of the actual swearing in.

Inaugural Address from MSNBC.

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Watch the Obama Inauguration Live

I am still stuck in NY on the Madoff Stakeout, but I figured I’d post some links to how you can watch the Inaguration live on the internet if you are stuck with no TV today.

link to C-SPAN live via windows media:

link to C-Span live via real meda:

link to NBC news live video (embedded):

link to CBS news live video (embedded):

Fox news Live video (embedded):

CNN Live video (embedded):

BBC News live video coverage: live stream:

Check back on this post for updates, I’ll be adding more links as I find them.


The links above are going through a link shortening service I have set up so that you don’t have to copy the huge original links when sharing them. feel free to use the service, shorter than other popular link shortening services! 😀

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Video of Grady and Allie

I know I have been promising this video for awhile. so here is the video of Allie and Grady playing… Those two have toooo much fun together sometimes.

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