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Ken Torres-Zickler
December 09 Trip to Puerto Rico - 12/29/09
May 09 Trip To Alaska Final Weekend - 5/24/09
May 09 Trip To Alaska Day 5 - Denali - 5/20/09
May 09 Trip To Alaska Day 2 - 5/17/09

May 09 Trip To Alaska Day 1 - 5/16/09

Vegas! April 09 Trip to Vegas for Work
Birthday Ken and Leana's combined Birthday 4/4/09 - Featuring a cake from Charm city Cakes.
NHWEEKEND Annual Trip to NH Feb of 2009
ARTMUSEUM August of 2008 Trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art with My father and mother in law.
HAWAII December 2008 Trip to Hawaii, We visited the Big Island and Oahu, Made it up to the top of Mauna Kea, Flew in a Helicopter over an active Volcano, took a dive in a submarine, and drove in a 4x4 down into the Waipo Valley, amongst other places.
CALIFORNIA Summer of 2008 Trip to California with "the Family", Alina, Ken, Kris, Matt and Jay. We started in LA and ventured up to San Francisco before heading back to our new home in Philadelphia.
GLORIAKEV June of 2008 Wedding of our friends Gloria and Kevin, I was the official wedding photographer, so these are their actuall wedding photos.
00apropics Wedding 9/17/06