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Welcome to my Biography

Learn all about my history, where I came from, and possibly some hints as to where I am going.

The Early Years

I was born in Portland ME, although to this day, have never lived in Maine. I spent the first six years of my life in Gorham New Hampshire, not that I can remember much of it. Then we moved to Bath, NH where I lived until I left for College. I attended Woodsville Elementary School, and the James R. Morrill Middle school In Haverhill NH. The Morrill school was closed down the year after I graduated to be moved into the new school down the street. I then started to commute up to Lyndonville, VT to attend the Riverside School for seventh and eighth grades.

High School

I attended St. Johnsbury Academy, in St. Johnsbury, VT where I was one of the founders of the St. Johnsbury Academy Ham Radio Club, and also acted in several Academy Theatre productions. It was here that I really got into doing Television and Radio production, with the classes in Audio Visual Technology, and the A/V Club. I produced a half hour long senior video my senior year as well as numerous other projects during my four years. It was during my time at St. Johnsbury Academy that I was able to intern at the Mt. Washington Observatory.


To continue on in my pursuit of a Career in media, I entered Ithaca College's Park School of Communications majoring in Television and Radio Production. At Ithaca I held many positions at WICB radio, including music director, production director and web manager. I oversaw the implementation of our new web presence and studio webcam. I also produced a few shows for ICTV and held many positions both on individual show staffs and on the executive staff. It was at Ithaca where I met my partner Alina.


Our first move out of Ithaca was to Burlington, VT Where Alina attended Graduate School at the University of Vermont. My first real job was at WVNY ABC-22 as a Graphic Artist and Production Assistant, which has since closed down their news operation. From there I landed a position at WPTZ Newschannel 5, in Plattsburgh NY as a News Photographer. I worked in the Plattsburgh office for six months, commuting across lake Champlain on the Ferry every day, before I was transferred to the Colchester VT office. During the summer of 2004 after Alina's Graduation from UVM, we moved to Durham, NH where Alina was a Hall director at UNH, and I worked as an ENG/SNG Engineer for WMUR-TV ABC 9 in Manchester, NH. During the summer of 2006 We moved to Amherst, MA. Alina has gone back to school again, and is currently persuing a doctorate in social justice education at the University of Massachusets Amherst. I am working for NES Communications out of Shrewsbury, MA, still running Satellite trucks, only now I am traveling all over the place for all sorts of different companies. On September 17th, Alina and I got married, in Ithaca, NY. We have combined our last names, to Torres-Zickler. I guess that since my name is now no longer kenzickler, is going to become obsolete, so I've started a new web site at and changed our email addresses to and . Be sure to keep on checking out my Blog for what I am up to!